• Do I Need Trafixs if I'm already listed with the online Yellow Pages?

    That’s a good start, but your basic Yellow Pages directory listing is not fully optimized for search engines and most consumers are searching for local businesses on the major search engines. According to a Nielsen Company July 2010 study Google, Bing, and Yahoo have over 92% of the search volume (with Google dominating at 64.2%). According to a July 2010 market study from StatCounter Global Stats, Google, Bing, and Yahoo have over 98% of the search market (with Google at 90.57%).

    When measuring mobile search, Google totally dominates the mobile searches at 98% (StatCounter Global Stats -- Sep 09 to Sep 10. This means if your business is not on the first page of Google results, your business will not be found by most searchers/potential customers.

    Even if your listing comes up in Google, Bing, or Yahoo (where over 92%-98% of potential customers search), you will likely be so far down on in the results that most customers won’t find your business -- and 95% of website traffic from organic, non-branded queries on Google, Bing, and Yahoo originated on page 1 of the results.

    We promote your products, services and location so your business gets a higher ranking on search engine result pages. Our goal and guarantee is to get you a first page listing so you can be easily found (and convey to potential customers that you are an established, credible and successful business).

  • How does Trafixs work?

    Trafixs facilitates a number of steps toward getting you businesses online.

    • We create a directory listing using over 35 attributes and key points about your business, including products, services, service area, hours of operation, street address and website URL
    • Your business profile page and website are published, which creates a larger presence on the web so you are more easily found. (If you already have a site, it becomes an additional presence.) You customize and control every aspect of your business profile. Once your profile is in place, web crawlers from search engines read and store the information and include it in its search results.
    • Your business data is distributed to core internet data providers and directories.
    • Potential customers search for your business or product online.
    • You are found via organic local and mobile search results.

    See our Local & Mobile Search -- How does it work? page for more information

  • What if I don't have a website?

    As part of the Trafixs service, you will receive your own customized directory listing and web page. This web page functions like your own website and can be easily customized with photos, logos and all your important business information.

  • How does my business get listed in the search engine results?

    Trafixs ensures that your directory listing is crawled, indexed, and ranked with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Then we continue to work your listing add our “secret sauce” to get your business on the first page of results.

  • How does this help my online exposure?

    Your Trafixs directory listing gives search engines the data they need in a format they understand. This allows your business to be found in the most relevant searches for your particular business, products and services.

  • What do search engine companies think about this?

    Search engine companies have crawlers that comb the internet to find as much information as possible. Plentiful, accurate, relevant, detailed search results are crucial to keep their users happy. With Trafixs, your business information, location, products, services and keywords are all disseminated to achieve optimal relevancy.

  • Will this affect my current website?

    No, though it will increase the activity on your website. The Trafixs directory listing links to your main website, which helps to place it higher on search engine results pages. The intelligence of search engines allows them to associate your domain as the primary website while the Trafixs directory listing reinforces your business presence and adds to your stature as a successful business.

  • How does the localization work?

    Your potential customers search for a local business or product from their computer or from their smart phone. When searching from a computer, Google knows where you are searching from (or let’s you set your city) and displays local search results for your area (like Pizza -- local results for Pizza will be displayed). You can also do a city specific search with details of the type of business you are searching for (like hotel in Boston MA -- local results for hotels in Boston will be displayed).

    Your customers will also search on their smart phone (and say or enter something like dentist or hotel or “your business” or “your product”) -- and the smart phone location will be detected and local business results for the searched term will be displayed.

    The proximity of your business address is associated with the geographic location of the user. With our integrated mapping feature, your business will show up in Google, Bing, or Yahoo when the internet user is within up to a 50 mile radius from your address.

  • Is this Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Is it different from other SEO?

    SEO plans generally take longer and are much more expensive than Local & Mobile search optimization. Natural and organic SEO for your website is focused on many things including rewriting your content, meta tags and keywords and phrases -- and submitting your web page to search engines and 3rd party websites.

    While many SEO plans benefit your site, they do not ideally position your business for Local & Mobile search. The optimization techniques for Local & Mobile search are different than what is needed for your websites natural/organic SEO. While what we do will help your website, we are focused 100% on what is needed to get your local maps listing on the front page for key search phrases pertaining to your business.

    Trafixs publishes enhanced and valuable data about your businesses, then directly posts that information with our search partners directing them to include you in local searches. This is an excellent way to increase your business profile and attract more customers.

  • Do you guarantee specific results?

    We are unable to guarantee top placement. However we do specialize in getting you first page placement. Everything we do is focused on meeting that objective -- including our 60 day guarantee!

  • How long does it take to be found?

    Once your company profile is completed in our directory, your company listing can show up in search results in as little as 14 days and generally no longer than 60 days. Once your listing is on the front page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo, we will continue work hard to keep you there!


Trafixs guarantees your business will be on the first page of either Google, Bing, or Yahoo for a key phrase targeted for your business and location within sixty (60) days of receiving from you all the information necessary to optimize your listing (all fields in the "Company Profile Page" section of your listing on we will work for free until your business is displayed on one of these first pages. In the rare case where we do not meet this Guarantee, please contact your Sales Rep and we will suspend your monthly billing until we satisfy this guarantee. Your satisfaction and success is our goal!


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